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VA - Une Salle Bande Pour La Salle Gueule TAPE

Punk, Hardcore, Crust, Garage Rock, Noise, Post-Punk en soutien a la Salle Gueule, salle de concert Marseillaise, fermée pendant le covid
A1 Canine– Solidarity Is Our Best Weapon
A2 La Flingue– Quartiers nord
A3 Mental Distress– 5 balles l'entrée
A4 Dabblin'– Friendly Fire
A5 Bônhom– Scroll Till Death
A6 The Dirteez– 4-Thirsty Road
A7 Apes Brigade– The Interrogation Of The Good
A8 Holy Fröst– Bleach My Soul
A9 The Sobers– I, Vera
A10 Grusterror– Toxic fog
A11 Mystik Motorcycles– Brain Fart
A12 The Butcher Project– Filthy_Charity
A13 Spinabifida– Bleeding Alone
A14 Ed Warner– Miles Dyson Syndrome
A15 Confetti Malaise– If Mirrors Could Speak
A16 Mutism– Drag Them
A17 Gériatrie– 06 mars 2020 live@LSG
B1 Hundred Eyes– Differences
B2 Yarostan– Effondrement
B3 The Spitters (2)– I Can Call The Bomb
B5 Joyblaster– The Block
B6 LØVVE– Thought Process
B7 Hyperactive – Lie And Pray Ft Alex (Rats Don't Sink)
B9 Dim Jerk Set– Black Car No Clim
B10 Bobby Singer– Une indécence resplendissante
B11 Ali Barbare And The Grinds– Get Filade
B12 The Pleasures – Now I Beleive
B13 Rats Don't Sink– Drowning_In_Boredom
B14 Not' Pain Quotidien– Covid Mon Amour
B15 Drog– Future Days