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A1 Les Lullies– Dernier Soir
A2 Parade (23)– Electric Fear
A3 Scaners*– Pesticide Kids
A4 Alvilda– Moustique
A5 Food Fight– Permanent Departure
A6 Holeshots– All Days All Nights
A7 Pogy Et Les Kefars– Marseille Tombe
A8 La Flingue– A Genoux Dans La Pisse
B1 Boss (41)– Red Signal
B2 Bart And The Brats– Corporate Rock Massacre
B3 Asphalt– Epluchure
B4 Almost Lovers Feat. Pogy*– Find Out
B5 Pleasures (5)– This Love In Me
B6 The Suttles– Lucy
B7 Flathead (10)– Sunset Girl
B8 Teenage Hearts– Simple Needs